Whethan VS Oliver Tree – All You Ever Talk About (Blossom Remix) [Free Download]

Phoenix based producer Blossom has given us another unique bass infused remix. This time, the young producer remixed Whethan and Oliver Tree’s “All You Ever Talk About”. Following her remix for Morten’s “Love”, Blossom continues her success with this newest release, adding another bass heavy tune to the catalog.

Right off the bat you can tell Blossom has given her own spin to the track. Only keeping the original vocals, Blossom adds her own orchestration to set the tone for the remix. It isn’t soon before heavy hitting subs come in underneath a unique plucked synth and you find yourself dancing. Hi-hats and strategic percussive hits add subtle layers, resulting in a certified bass hit. And she’s giving it away for free!

You can grab your free download and check out the tune below: