Tigerlily Collab Makes it to #1 on Beatport

Tigerlily and KSHMR’s hit, “Invisible Children,” has been making a killing on the charts this week reaching number one on September 12th. The track only took a week to reach that number one spot. The Australian producer and number one female DJ for three years running has definitely proven her skills once again.

The track begins with a serenading guitar, shortly accompanied by driving drums and the vocal sample that runs throughout the entire track. When the drop hits you, it hits hard. The stabbing bass synth underneath the haunting, middle eastern influenced vocal is most likely the reason the track has been so successful. The second drop comes with a pleasant little surprise when the beat half times and some more Trap influenced vibes are brought forth. Tigerlily definitely picked the right guy to collaborate with on this one.

She took to her Facebook to release the exciting news of creating a number one single. The post comes with a video showcasing the EDM sensation playing to a crowd of thousands. Check out the video below and grab your copy here:

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