Stream Annie Mac’s Documentary “Who Killed The Night?” On YouTube

Recently, there has been much controversy surrounding the closures and tightening restrictions of the club culture. This has been a hot topic in London for quite some time now, most recently brought up with the threatened shut down of Fabric London. This was the turning point for many club goers who saw their lifestyle being taken away from them. A woman who was especially troubled by it was Annie Mac, a renowned international DJ and radio broadcaster who grew up in the club culture.

In her Documentary, Who Killed The Night?, Mac goes on an investigation behind the closure of some of the most influential clubs in London. She seeks answers to some vital questions like who is shutting down these clubs and why? In her travels, she interviews the founder of Boiler Room, Director of Fabric London, and the CEO of Oceana. This eye opening documentary is now available to stream on YouTube, check it out below: