Sophie Francis – Without You

This release allows us to feature a newcomer to Fearless EDM. Sophie Francis is a teenager from the Netherlands. Her name stems from St. Francis Bay, a village where she previously lived in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. Sophie signed to Always Management in 2015 and has been working hard since then to advance her musical career. Spinnin’ Records just released her first single, “Without You”, which has already been included on the Tomorrowland Official Playlist on Spotify. Oh, and she was placed on the Top 25 Artists Under 25 Playlist by Spotify Netherlands. NBD.

“Without You” is undoubtedly up-beat and fun. Sophie starts the track off with a marimba and then builds the song with passionate male vocals. She gets things going at the drop. This is when the real goodness happens, so wait for it. This dancehall inspired house track has its electronic roots, yet it also has the potential to creep onto a mainstream top 40 list. A follow-up single is slated for April, stay tuned.

Listen to the release below: