REZZ’s New EP is Finally Here and We Can’t Stop Listening

Today is the glorious day in which REZZ has graced us with her long anticipated new EP, Something Wrong Here. Contrary to what the title of the EP says, there is everything right with this EP. Featuring six stunning tracks, REZZ has crafted yet another boundary pushing EP and has released it on mau5trap. REZZ’s signature sound is present throughout as she takes us on a journey through eerie sounding, pumping techno. It’s undeniable that REZZ is a unique artist and this EP will contribute to her overall cult like appeal as everyone’s new favorite producer.

The EP starts with a track that REZZ has already bestowed on us, “Purple Gusher.” She also has included a track that she has been playing out for awhile now, finally allowing us to listen to it on repeat. That track is of course, “Selector.” The six track EP is mostly comprised of tracks that showcase REZZ’s signature dismal, haunting sound, but also features a vocal track with Laura Brehm. Titled “Melancholy,” the track perfectly puts sound to the name of the track and Brehm adds a eloquent touch to REZZ’s sound. The six track EP will have you begging for more from the talented producer no doubt. Take a listen for yourself:

If she’s coming to a town near you, we highly recommend that you check her out on her tour. You can grab tickets here.