Rezz loves to push boundaries with her dark, looming, crunchy bass sounds. This time she did so with the help of a talented K?D. The duo is a rather exciting one as Rezz’s signature sound mixes perfectly with the darker side K?D brings to the table. Prepare to be hypnotized by this bass heavy heater.

The track begins with a droned alarm sound as a stab-y bass synth cuts through, lending the foundation to the dark melodies that follow. A vocal chop breaks the bleak scenery painted by the melody in the intro. A new, heavier bass punches through, giving us a taste of what we can expect upon impact. As you would expect with these two producers, the bass heavy drop drives into you as a high robotic synth plays out it’s haunting ditty. The track only gets dirtier and heavier with time, so we recommend listening all the way through.

Check out the track below and snag your free download: