Rezz Announces New EP Release Date

Rezz took to Twitter today to announce the release date of her new EP! Rezz has been gaining a lot of attention recently, evident in her support and release from mau5trap, successful headlining tour ending this weekend, and festival appearances. She has had one heck of a start to her career to say the least. The impressive 21 year-old has been hard at work since she started producing in 2013, and it has obviously paid off.

Her previous EPs were nothing short of amazing, which is one of the reasons she has been able to gain so much traction. Her unique style is characterized by driving bass, heavy hitting kicks, slow tempos, and haunting melodies. Her most recent release was a collaboration with Raito titled “Aliens” and serves up exactly what you’d expect from the young producer. While she has been playing the track at festivals and shows for awhile now, the song was officially released just a couple of weeks ago. That’s another thing that draws her cult-like following to every show; she always plays new and unreleased stuff. She takes pride in the fact that her sets are unique and that some of the songs you hear in her sets can’t be listened to elsewhere. This unique style of DJing creates a new experience for every show and maintains Rezz’s mystery and novelty.

This is why her new EP comes with great excitement as it will potentially bring to light a lot of tracks we’ve heard her play live. The tweet, seen below, gives the details of the release event date and location. Check it out for yourself: