Nyxen Devlivers Stunning New ‘Running’ EP

In a musical sphere dominated by her male counterparts, Nyxen stands out as a dominant female force. The Australian producer uses her productions to carve out a groovy, newfangled blend of feel-good house music. Her two track EP inhabits a space that is distinctively dance-music, but that could just as easily dwell on pop radio.

Sydney raised Chelsea Lester, better known as Nyxen, launched her music career in 2015 when she joined Unknown Records. Lester’s musical tastes have largely been shaped through her 10 years of guitar playing  experience as well as her curiosity for early 2000s synthetic bands. Since her breakthrough, Nyxen has seen huge success with her release of her EP “You”. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of her next musical creation and her Running EP does not disappoint at all.

Nyxen’s new EP deliveries two upbeat yet calming songs that greatly reflect the uniqueness in her own instrumental sound and vocals. The first track, “Running,” shows Nyxen’s ability to naturally layer sounds of different instruments and her vocals over a bass line that everyone can groove to. Her second track, “Monsters,” gives some soul into a catchy house beat, providing the ultimate jam for a care free night.