Nora En Pure – Tell My Heart ft. Dani Senior

“Tell My Heart” by Nora En Pure is out now on Spinnin’ Deep and features vocals from Dani Senior. This track may sound familiar because it was previously released as “Lake Arrowhead” without vocals. Nora En Pure is an impressive South African indie dance, deep house, and tech house artist that is currently based out of Switzerland. Her Purified Radioshow is the type of music you can listen to anytime, anywhere as she blends together her melodic, laid-back songs with others that fit a similar style. AND her episodes can be downloaded for free!

“Tell My Heart” is a chill house track which includes a catchy piano riff tucked into the melody. The original song without the vocals was a bit more mellow, but the vocals bring a fun and lively aspect that are no doubt easy to sing along with. The cheerful and easy feel of this song makes it addicting. Dani repeatedly sings about falling, thinking, and dreaming about a special someone, which we can all translate into our own life one way or another. I’ve listened to this song quite a few times, and I think you may want to too! Check it out below: