NERVO’s “People Grinnin'” Remix EP Pt. 2 Is Finally Here

A couple of months ago, Nervo released an EP of remixes for their classic tune “People Grinnin’.” Now they’re back with a part two! This second remix EP features seven remixes, each remix with their own unique style. The artists that were chosen for this EP are John J-C Carr, BAUT, Freakhouze, Calvo, Brian Cross, Jolyon Petch, and Juke.

While each remix effectively highlights each artist’s distinct styles, the iconic vocals of the original track are kept intact throughout each remix. All the remixes fall under the umbrella of house, but considering there are so many subgenres of house now-a-days, there is definitely a remix in here for everyone. Take a listen to the remixes below.

John J-C Carr decided to go the tropical route with his remix. Slowing down the original track, Carr creates a new, chill vibe for the track. Complete with the model flute synth, mixed with groovin’ hats and thumpin kicks, the track is surely a tropical house hit. Check it out below:

Next is BAUT’s remix. BAUT took a more vintage approach with his remix. Enlisting the help of a great sounding piano and a dancing, rhythmic bass, BAUT effectively threw his remix back a few years. Check out the remix below to get your dance on:

Freakhouze brings us right back into more recent house releases with his big room remix. This could easily be played out at huge festivals next festival season as it features the big builds and ravey synths that big room is known for. If you feel like stomping or jumping around, you can listen to the track below:

Calvo’s remix is my favorite. It takes elements of old school house and brings them into the present with fresh sounding synths. It has a very groovey percussion section throughout and unique synth design. The remix almost beckons you to dance with it, which is why it is my favorite. This future house remix will have you jackin’ no doubt:

Brian Cross made this track into an electro house banger. This remix brings me back to old school electro house like R3hab used to make. Cross uses sampled live drums in the intro and brings in growly, acid inspired bass for the drops. The vocals aren’t brought in until the second break down, really making this song more about the remixed aspects:

If you’re looking to chill it out after that Brian Cross remix, or even take it one deeper, Jolyon Petch has the plug. This track highlights the OG vocals nicely, adding a deeper styled percussive bass and xylophones to compliment the melody. This track is appropriate whether you’re trying to turn up or chill it out:

Last but not least, we have Juke’s remix. Setting himself apart from the others in the remix EP, Juke pitched up the vocals for his remix. Similar to Brian Cross, Juke went for a more old school electro feel with his remix. Featuring a grimey saw synth, this track reminds me of the FatRat. Check out this remix below: