NERVO feat. Timmy Trumpet – Anywhere You Go

“Anywhere You Go” by NERVO feat. Timmy Trumpet is out now and ready for your listening pleasure. The NERVO twins are no doubt veterans in the electronic music community. From co-writing the Grammy Award-winning single, “When Love Takes Over,” to their former CoverGirl pics sprinkled throughout magazines, most of us recognize these blondes. Their combination of music and modeling leave some mesmerized, like my boyfriend for example who used a stock image of the girls as his desktop background for the better part of his college career. Beauty aside, Mim and Liv know how to both produce and sing.

The twins teamed up with another Aussie to produce the chill house track “Anywhere You Go.” Timmy Trumpet is a unique artist himself, known for playing live trumpet solos during his shows. If you haven’t seen him live, maybe you will recognize his track, “Freaks.” “Anywhere You Go,” features vocals from the girls, and the melody is smooth and mellow. Paired with the vocals is a laid-back trumpet harmony, nothing like the trumpet you remember hearing in middle school band practice. Sweet and easy, this song is the perfect soundtrack to a night in with bae #nervoandchill. Check it out below: