MORTEN – Love (Blossom Remix)

The Phoenix-based producer, Blossom has quickly become one of the key contributors to the emerging Phoenix EDM scene and her new remix of MORTEN’s track “Love” shows us why. Her musical journey began early on in her life when she played in orchestra for twelve years. As her musical talents began to deepen, Blossom found herself exploring electronic music and began to produce. With a hard work ethic and her rise in popularity, Blossom has landed spots on stage at Global Dance Festival, Wet Electric, and Phoenix Lights. Her outstanding talent will only push her further into the EDM scene and I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for her!

Blossom’s remix of “Love” by MORTEN has some serious vibes that keep you coming back for more. While the original song is upbeat, Blossom brings an interesting twist on the beat that strongly compliments the vocals of the song. From her first remix release of Goldlink’s “Spectrum,” to her newly released remix of “Love,” Blossom has proven her abilities to understand and create varying rhythms, beats, and flows of different songs. Check out her remix below: