Mark Johns Named A 2017 Artist To Watch By Billboard

Mark Johns has a rather interesting success story. In an interview with Billboard, she says that music was “never really a huge part of [her] personality,” and that she “wasn’t one of those kids who’s like, ‘I want to be a singer when I grow up!'” How did she come into her success then, if it wasn’t intentional? Well, a year ago she flipped the famous Jay Z and Kanye track “N-s in Paris” with her producer friend Sable. Skrillex heard the track, and when Skrillex hears a track, the rest is history.

That was about a year ago. Fast-forward to now, with her Molino EP out and her first album in the works, she is one of Billboard’s artists to watch in 2017. When asked why OWSLA took interest in her, OWSLA co-founder Clayton Blaha said, “She didn’t know what she was doing, which is why it felt so honest. No rules; just putting ­herself out there. She’s a real badass.” With the debut of her Molino EP, she has solidified her chilled out, catchy sound that we’re excited to hear in her new album. Check back with us for details about the album and download her Molino EP below in the meantime:

Source: Billboard | Featured Image: Sami Drasin