Kathryn Frazier’s Biz 3 Takes The Music Industry Head On

You may have heard of Biz 3 when having conversations about Skrillex, Run The Jewels, or even Daft Punk. That is because Biz 3 is the PR firm that has helped create a buzz around these artists. Kathryn Frazier, the founder of Biz 3, didn’t always have a big roster of artists to work with, however. In a recent interview with Fast Company, Frazier revealed some of her trade secrets as well as the decisions that got her clients as big as the three mentioned above.

Biz 3 started as a small company, run solely by Frazier in the closet of a venue. She started out working with indie rock bands to get her roster going. She realized over the years of working a side job at a high-end restaurant to support Biz 3 that she was undervaluing her expertise. So, she began picking up bigger clients that led her to bigger paychecks to grow her business.

As the music industry shifted away from CD sales and moved towards streaming, Frazier stayed ahead of the curve by diversifying her client roster to include not just music, but also film, tech, and sports, among others. This has proven to be a huge hit for Biz 3 and has taken the company to new heights. She also attributes her success to surrendering. She says, “Surrender doesn’t mean being weak and giving in—surrender means going with where you can be taken.” Great words of wisdom. Check out the article below for more information about this inspirational woman.

H/T Fast Company