Juicy M – Need U Around ft. Esty Leone

You might have seen Juicy M spinning some tracks on YouTube, using up to 4 mixers to execute astonishing mix routines. Or maybe you’ve heard her music before, with releases on Armada and JUMMP. However you found out about Juicy M, she has surely won you over with her expertly produced house tracks or skilled turntable competence. Now, she has released a new future bass single, “Need U Around,” featuring the vocals of Esty Leone. This track is sure to be a hit.

The beginning of the track is led by Leone’s voice and some strings layered over a whispering organ. The drums come in with a plucked synth, driving the track forward into a rush of filtered saw synths and quintessential vocal chops. Juicy M continues the energy with the drums backing a down filtered synth while Leone’s voice carries the melody. Juicy M’s vocal sampling in this track is very unique, making use of a trilled vocal to lead each drop. The Ukrainian producer and DJ has effortless adopted the current American style of future bass and made it her own. Check out the impressive track below: