Fletch Talks About S’cool and Female DJs in Australia

Maquarie Fletcher, known as Fletch by many, is a female DJ from Australia. Growing up DJing hip-hop in clubs throughout Australia, and watching only a few other female DJs in the market, made her frustrated that there weren’t more women putting themselves out there. This prompted her to retire from DJing and start her own DJ program to teach more women about how to make it in the DJ world. The program teaches everything from CDJ basics to booking shows.

The program is titled DJ S’cool and teaches women interested in becoming DJs; no boys allowed. She also provides her services for free to unemployed and underemployed clients, making the program more accessible. In a recent interview with i-D, she talks about her start in the industry, an encounter with Skrillex and about the curriculum behind S’cool. Check out the full interview over at i-D.

Source and image source: i-D