Fearless Five: Halloween Costume Edition

Since Halloween is on a Monday this year, this past weekend served as an extended period to celebrate all things spooky and scary. Of all the festivities that come along with this peculiar day, dressing up in a creative costume is a favorite for many. We searched the web to check out what some of our favorite female producers and DJs were up to over the weekend. From performing to going out with friends, they flaunted the Halloween spirit, and their costumes did not disappoint. Check out the top Fearless Five costumes below:

5. Yasmine Yousaf of Krewella

Captain Yazzle sailed through the weekend hunting for treasure with a fellow pirate. With dark hair like Jack Sparrow and tattoos on her hand, this girl definitely pulled off the look. Hope you found that booty you were after, Cap’n Yazzle!


4. Tigerlily

Tigerlily meandered through the night as the walking dead. With sunken eyes and cheeks, her skeleton costume is eerie and dark. However, her long blonde hair makes her look pretty cute. This yin and yang pulled her costume together nicely.


3. Mija

We still have yet to determine exactly what Mija dressed up as this Halloween weekend, but she looks killer in that jumpsuit and silly hat. Plus she has an umbrella and is riding a hoverboard. ‘Nuff said.


2. Nina Las Vegas

Before her show in New South Wales, Australia, on Saturday night, Nina Las Vegas took to Facebook to share a classic Halloween get-up. A white bed sheet and a pair of sunnies is all this girl needed to pull off her look. Great disguise, we wouldn’t have ever recognized you.



NERVO takes gold with their killer Halloween look. The twins’ wacky display of Halloween spirit is creepy, scary, fun, colorful, crazy, and everything in between. We’re just guessing, but Mim and Liv probably had some pretty creative costumes growing up since they’ve had each other for pair costumes since day one. #Twinning!


Photos: jasdavis and Facebook