Eau Claire’s New “All The Wonder EP” Is Beautiful

Eau Claire strives to bend genres with every one of her releases. With her self-proclaimed style of “some where between nu disco and house,” she will surely have you dancing. This feel good style of music has allowed her to have huge releases with Warner Bros and Atlantic Records. With her unique style, she has also been able to gain recognition from some of the biggest taste makers such as DJ Mag, Indie Shuffle, and LessThan3, among many others. Contributing to her astounding collection, she has just released her debut EP named, All The Wonder.

This EP is a gem of house music. With just two tracks, Claire is able to make you feel some type of way and keep you coming back for more. The first track, “All The Wonder,” has a deeper touch to it. Blending perfectly arranged chords, harmonizing vocals, and a pluck styled bass, the track is infectious. Featuring Claire’s own vocals, the reverb laden harmonies created by her voice drive the track forward, creating a wonder about what will come next in the track.

The second track, “Room,” continues the trend of creating more intimate feelings with a deeper vibe. Featuring a new vocalist and a saxophone, this track manages to be distinctive while also fitting with the vibe of the EP as a whole. The vocalist, Camille Michelle Gray, breathes life into the piano chords, distant saxophone drones, and an undeniable groove. The two tracks compliment each other in the most elegant ways, making this EP a must listen: