DUCKY & Holly – Which One [Free Download]

So here’s one out now on a label that quickly brings to mind a certain cake-throwing artist. Since 2016 marks 10 years in the making for Dim Mak, it would be upside-down for them not to include females on their roster. “Which One,” released with a free download (FTW), comes from two individuals, DUCKY & Holly. They both obviously killed it, but I want to highlight one in particular. Can you predict who? If you guessed like me, you’re wrong. It’s DUCKY, the female power of this dynamic duo. DUCKY, currently out of LA and a self-proclaimed outsider girl, already has a gang of Soundcloud followers and an impressive collection of tracks.

Last month she released, “Don’t Give Up Yet,” a chill house EP that you could play on repeat while chillin’ on a Sunday night, as I am now. With little to no vocals, the EP is distinct from her latest track with Holly. “Which One” is a hybrid track that brings together dubstep and moombahton and includes warping bass and growling synths. I like when it gets into the moombah with some vocal chops. It’s chaotic, so bring it out in the middle of your night when you want a challenge to figure out dance moves, or maybe just feel like whomping instead. Just take it from this Soundcloud fan, “this is absolutely fucking crazy holy fucking shit.” Nuff said. I’ll be watching out to see where DUCKY swims next. Check out “Which One” below. For you Texans out there, ya’ll can go see her this November on the 17th, 18th, or 19th in Austin, Houston, or Dallas, respectively. Take your pick and report back.