Callie Reiff – Shadow Dancing

The 16 year old production prodigy has struck again, this time with a heavy hitting bass track titled “Shadow Dancing.” The track was released earlier this week on Fool’s Gold Records with the announcement that her EP will be released on October 14th with them as well. She has also had releases on NEST, Daruma and Audiophile XXL. The young talent also was fortunate enough to play a slew of venues in New York this past year, the most recent being her The Studio At Webster Hall. Reiff is definitely making a name for herself in the bass music scene and this track surely has pushed her that much further into the scene.

“Shadow Dancing” starts with a vocal sample, “you know I got that flow,” and proceeds to prove that point exactly. Scattered with hammering kicks and tight snares, the track starts out high energy. As the break down comes in and the build begins, it’s exciting to see how the track will become more energetic. Reiff makes use of an old school dubstep feel with the sound of an alarm in the background mixed with steady chords underneath vocal chops. With the drop comes a unique combination of laser-synths, wubs and synth stabs that absolutely blow you away. The boundary pushing track continues delivering an even higher exuberance in the second drop. With more unique sound design, Reiff takes the track to a Moombahton feel, giving a good contrast to the double timed drums featured earlier throughout the track. You can listen to the madness below: