BONNIE X CLYDE have been stealing the hearts of thousands with their new release “Bass Jam”. Bonnie, the female presence of the duo, boasts a wide range of capabilities. She has expertise in production, DJing, and singing. She is a triple threat indeed. You can hear those talents bleed through in the newest release from the duo.

The track begins with distant guitar riffs, quickly interjected with Bonnie’s vocals and a four on the floor beat. Somewhere in between the bass heavy kicks, arpeggios, and booming future bass chords of the drop, we find the vulnerable voice of Bonnie cut through once again. The lyrics feature the repeated phrase, “where do we go from here?” When asked about the significance of the lyrics, the duo said,

“I immediately started writing this track based off of thoughts from when I was in high school… The not knowing what was going to happen in my future, not knowing what I would do with the rest of my life but just knowing that I was young and had to live it up while I could. Along with those feelings, we knew we wanted it to hit at festivals production wise. We wanted it to tie back to the music and to our love of bass music; how it makes us feel alive & powerful. The large bass hits in the drop and the continued lyrics ‘Where do we go from here?’ really brings us back to those times & never ending nostalgia.”

Take a listen to the track below: